Organic And Biodynamic Wines – What Does It Mean?

Organic wines are, essentially, wines that are made from organic grapes that were grown free of synthetic fertilizers, pesticides and growth stimulants. In most cases, grapes are handpicked at harvest so that only the best quality grapes are selected.  In the winery, only clean, non-contaminated stainless steel tanks and barrels are allowed.  Winemakers are discouraged from adding sulphur dioxide to the wine, but it is permitted in some cases.


Biodynamic wines are very similar to organic wines, in the sense that the grape farmer use homeopathic, herbal-based compost and field sprays, as well as following a very strict vinification process. However, the key difference is that biodynamic growers focus on the vines themselves and believe that they respond to forces of nature and that the growth of the leaves, roots, buds, flowers and fruit are influenced by the position of the moon and stars with certain constellations.  All of these forces play in the sustainability component where winemakers work within their own environment and natural eco-system to produce wines that pay homage to their own terrior.




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  1. Skyeberg says:

    Great info. What are some wineries that make biodynamic wine?
    How does Biodynamic farming make the wine taste different?

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