Lorie Loves Wine–And Beer Too!

I remember during my first sommelier course we had a class on Beer. My experience with beer hadn’t gone much beyond Coors Light from my college days in the nineties and I sincerely hated beer. Each sommelier student had to announce their favourite beer to the class. As I sat there listening to all these exotic beers from my fellow classmates, I dreaded what I would say. I took the safe route and blurted out “Corona” as someone else had also indicated that was their favorite too. I had only sipped Corona on occasion and, to be honest, it didn’t appeal to my personal taste. After taking that class, I really gained an appreciation for beer (thank you, Stephen Beaumont) and decided I preferred ales to lagers and would have a few Schneider Weisse or Chimay beers a year.

That was until I tried the Mill Street Organic beer. Yes, it’s a lager but it’s a lighter style (only 4.2% alcohol) with an amazing floral bouquet and the requisite banana flavour that I love about beer. Perhaps because it’s made in a European style that makes it appeal to my taste buds. It pairs with anything from fish and chips (has that great acidity to cut through the grease), to hot dogs, to salads and fruit. In Ontario it’s available at the LCBO and the Beer Store and on tap some local Toronto pubs and restaurants. Or better yet, head on down to the Mill Street Brew Pub next time you are TO.

This beer rocks!

Click on the image below for this beer’s tasting notes here:


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