Triscuits, Cheese And Your Favorite Chardonnay

Yes, it’s true Nabisco Foods (the company that owns the Triscuit brand) is getting into food and wine pairing.   The September 30, 2008 issue of Wine Spectator has a two-page ad from Triscuit featuring their “Rosemary & Olive Oil” cracker paired with 3 cheeses.

The really cool thing is that there are recipes to go along with each pairing.  For example, take their Herby Blue Cheese and Pear recipe.  I personally would not pair a blue cheese with a Chardonnay because the blue cheese flavour is typically quite strong and, in most cases, would over power the wine.  But in this recipe, they are using a creamy blue cheese which is not as strong, adding 2 oz of milk (to thin the cheese), then spreading this on the cracker and topping it with a pear slice and some toasted almonds.  The sweetness of the pear and the toasted almonds help with neutralizing the cheese and enhance the fruit and toastiness of the wine.
The other recipes include a Creamy Smoked Salmon and Brie, topped with Capers and Crème Fraiche and a Zesty Monterey Jack and Olives topped with Orange Zest, which all pair well with an oaked Chardonnay.
Unfortunately, these fun recipes are not listed on their website, nor is this ad featured on their website either, even though they are currently running an on-line promotion with Turning Leaf Wines. Pick up your issue of Wine Spectator soon!
Note to Nabisco Foods: I love the ad in Wine Spectator, but remember that food and wine lovers are everywhere, especially here on the Internet.






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2 Responses to Triscuits, Cheese And Your Favorite Chardonnay

  1. Diane Adjetey says:

    Hi Lorie,

    My name is Diane Adjetey. I work with the Custom Publishing department at Wine Spectator and we created this program with Triscuit. We used our expertise of wine and artisanal ingredients to create this Triscuit Small Plates idea that would bring more to the traditional cheese and cracker combo served at most get togethers and cocktail parties, including mine.

    I’m glad that you liked our ad; we put a lot of work into making sure the pairings are correct. Look for more recipes in upcoming issues of Wine Spectator and a microsite that will feature more than 20 recipes in November.

    Diane Adjetey

  2. Diane Adjetey says:

    Hi Lorie,

    I thought you’d be interested in seeing this. The Triscuit Small Plates microsite is now live featuring over 20 great recipes. Go to to see the recipes and wine pairings. Hope you enjoy!


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