Swiss Chalet Anyone?

I don’t know about you, but I think the wine list at Swiss Chalet could use a serious CTRL-ALT-DEL.   There are so many great wines from Canada that would pair perfectly with their chicken, yet they choose to go with mass produced plunk that has no structure or flavour to it.    For this reason, I order take out from Swiss Chalet and pair their wonderful rotisserie chicken with my favorite wine.  I have tried many a wine, red and white, and have come up with the perfect pairing. 

Flat Rock Cellars in Jordan, Ontario makes a wonderful blend of Gewürztraminer, Riesling and Chardonnay called “Twisted” (currently available in Vintages for $16.95) that pairs absolutely perfectly with your quarter chicken dinner, gravy and fries.  Lots of mineral notes, petrol and Macintosh apple and lychee on the nose that carries through into your mouth balanced with great acidity on the finish.  The acidity is a perfect match to cut through the juicy, moist chicken and greasy gravy that tastes oh so good in your mouth, leaving it clean and wanting more.   The screw cap makes the wine easy to open and drinker friendly perhaps if you wish to take it to park or beach to enjoy.   So before you pick up the phone, stop at your local LCBO, make sure you have a bottle of Twisted chilling nicely in your fridge and you’ll have a match made in heaven.

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