Riesling and Me on the Beach

One of my favourite beach spots in Ontario happens to be Sandbanks
Provincial Park
.  It’s hard to believe you are swimming in Lake Ontario
since the water is so warm and clean.  This amazing beach spot is also in
the heart of Prince Edward County and some amazing wineries.

My favourite wine for the beach happens to be Riesling with it’s lower
alcohol  and great acidity making it very food friendly.  Therefore a stop
at Norman Hardie’s winery is always a must.  The winery is located just
seconds of Hwy 33 (Loyalist Parkway) at Greer Road.

Hardie has just released his 2007 Riesling, which if you are an Alsatian
style fan, this Riesling is a must try.  The nose gives you green apple,
peach and apricot with some nice minerality.  The finish is dry, Alsatian
, balanced out with great acidity and fruit.

We paired this wine with some picnic style salads from Whole Foods in
Toronto, all of which paired very well.  Another great thing about Hardie’s
bottles is that they come with a screw cap so you don’t have to worry about
having a corkscrew on hand.  If you stop in, let Norm know you are going to
the beach and he’ll be sure to give you a cold one or two straight from his

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