Hello old and new wine lovers!

This is my first post which I hope will eventually evolve into a true wine lovers blog. There is so much to discuss, I am truly excited!

And to start, a bottle I had last night was the PATRICE RION BOURGOGNE PINOT NOIR 2004. This wine is very much geared toward the American market as there was not much earthiness, barnyard, or leather notes that are typical with a red from Burgundy. Also, the wine label noted the grape variety which is very uncommon as well. I guess they figured more North Americans will buy their wine if the know what the grape variety is. Plus, there is the whole “Sideways” effect that I won’t even get into yet (future post).

I found this wine to be quite fruit driven with lots of cherry notes. The alcohol is low (only 12.5%) which puts it into the light to med. bodied camp. It is a screwcap so I would not cellar it for any length of time and I would recommend decanting for aeration. I did not decant and found the second glass better balanced than the first. It paired very well with my halibut burrito and my husband’s steak burrito. This wine would go well with any fish, especially salmon as well as pork, duck or lamb.


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