A Perfect Pairing, Part Deux…

So, last night I decided to recreate the same meal, but pair the food with a white wine.  I decided to go with a Chardonnay from Le Clos Jordanne, ‘Le Clos Jordanne Vineyard’ and it was the 2004 vintage. The vines are located in Jordan, Ontario, west of St. Catharines, and are right at the foot of the escarpment.  A perfect location to benefit from the warming of the lake in winter and cooling in summer months and, of course, the shield of the escarpment behind it.

The nose had a lot of tropical fruit notes such as banana and pineapple, indicating a very warm late summer.  There were also the typical notes of butter, vanilla and cream corn, with some minerality from the limestone soil, as well.   When I tasted this wine, it had great mouth watering acidity followed with a pineapple finish at the back of your palate. 

It paired well with the smoked chicken and very well with the parmesan risotto.  Later on, I decided to pair it with buttered popcorn and sugar cookies…what a crazy combination, it worked!  The butteriness of the wine paired was perfect match with the buttered popcorn and the cookies gave the wine a bit of sweetness and creaminess in your mouth. 

So, who wants to help me finish my second bottle of this outstanding wine? If you do, please remember to bring buttered popcorn or your favorite sugar cookies!

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