Wine Cellar 102 – Where to store your wine?

If you’ve been keeping up with the advice given in Wine Cellar 101  and you now have so much wine that it is overflowing on your kitchen table or counter.   So, where do you store all this wine?  There are many choices:College Student Budget – IKEA shopping trip!   IKEA sell great build-it-yourself shelving for wine in their Warehouse section of the store.  In my local IKEA, the shelving is located just outside the Marketplace section.  And, yes, the shelving will fit in the smallest of cars…well maybe not a Mini  or a Smart car. 

Late Twenty-Something Budget – Wine fridge!  They come in various sizes and prices to match.  I started out with a Haier wine fridge that I bought at Costco some years back.  It hold about 70 bottles, is temperate-controlled and isn’t overly tall.  This baby will fit into any minivan or truck too so you can bring it home with you.  Home Depot even sells two wine fridges or coolers by DanbySub-Zero also has a great selection as well but tend to be on the pricey side for what you are getting.

Thirty-Something Budget – Check out Rosehill Cellars  collection of 250 – 500+ wine fridges.  And yes, they will deliver it to you.  They are quite huge so if you live in a 800 sq. foot condo, it’s going to take up quite a bit of space.    Forty Plus – The Wine Establishment  and Rosehill Cellars in Toronto do custom wine cellars that are quite stunning.  If you’ve got the space this is definitely worth checking out.  If any of these choices are not suitable to you, just remember to keep the wine stored in a dark, cool room or basement with a consistent temperature.  If the wine is being stored in your basement, make sure it is far away from the washer and dryer, as wine does not like vibration or the heat that these machines will give off.   Think of it as a sleeping guest and when you wake it up 10 or 20 years from now, if given the proper rest in the most ideal conditions, it will end of being the guest of honour.

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